A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A collection of 3 (almost 5) local multiplayer competitive games - Use 2-4 Xbox360 or PS3 controllers. Others can be bound in the Input tab 

* Cheeks & Nuts - grab the candy, shoot nuts at each other

* Bird Drop - grab candy and drop it on your foes

* Monkey's Edge - swing on vines to collect candy

* Candy Sniffer - dig in the dirt for candy, avoid the birds (incomplete)

In the year 1785, the tyrannical King Cow was successfully crushed by his subjects. After poisoning his massive candy supply, the residents of the Animal Kingdom were free to live as they pleased. In the years that followed, they developed a tradition of having a yearly tournament of competitive games, where the local residents could celebrate their liberation. ... In the year 1885, the Animal Kingdom prepares for its 100th anniversary celebration of King Cow's departure. It will likely be the biggest, most extravagant celebration in the kingdom's history, and now you too are invited! ... Upon entering the kingdom, you hear a distant voice cheering out in celebration: "Multiplayer, yo!".

Saga of Candy Friends was made for the Global Game Jam 2014.

Install instructions

Simply unzip and choose your platform to enjoy!


SagaOfCandyFriends_PC_MAC_Linux_Builds_20140212_v02.zip 36 MB